When D's Are Good On Your Report Card

I had a few D's in my school days, certainly nothing to be proud of when your dad is a university professor. I'd run home to get the grade card before he checked the mail and shed light on my poor performance.  But there are three D's successful people have that others typically do not. Those three D's represent intrinsic qualities that anyone should be proud of.

The three D's everyone should want are desire, determination and discipline.

Desire - Self starters, those who create new companies, products or services have incredible desire.  They have enough passion churning in them to want to change the world around them. Martin Luther King Jr. desired to see change in communities across our nation.  Nelson Mandela deeply desired forgiveness and reconciliation.  Churchill desired to resist the Nazis until there was nothing left.  Henry Ford desired that Americans would be able to buy an affordable car.  Thomas Edison desired to read by a lightbulb at night.

Desires do not have to be big, they simply have to be important to you.  They must burn deep enough to move you to action. Once desires bring about determination things begin to happen.

Determination - Impact is the child of desire that has been birthed through determination.  It takes deep determination to engage in the creative process, to overcome the failures that plague a start up organization, and push through to the finish line.  Creation is a process in which we try, fail, learn, revise and try again.  It is the evolutionary process that creates products, services, and organizations that change our society at large.  But without failure there is no learning and without determination one cannot apply the lessons learned and progress in the creative process.

Discipline - Once things are created, everything runs on processes.  The seasons, our solar system, the tide...  Think about it, everything has a process.  So understanding and implementing the correct disciplines to conform to a successful process brings positive results.

I used to think some people are undisciplined and others were disciplined, but now it's clear, people just have different disciplines.  It takes a lot of discipline for some alcoholics to invest the time and money into drinking a 12 pack every night.  That is discipline, it's just the wrong discipline.  Developing and implementing the correct disciplines, will ensure a successful and enduring venture for you.