Eric English Tulsa Executive Coach and Business Consultant

Level UP Workshops

I want to help you grow and strengthen your business so join me at the Level Up series of workshops hosted by 36 Degrees North in Downtown Tulsa.  We are offering two workshops to help you level up!



Business Owners with revenue under $1M, post launch, not conceptual, actual operating businesses.

In this workshop you are going to learn how to effectively take control of and the three building blocks of your business; driving sales, providing incredible products or services for your customers, and understand how to properly manage your finances.  Learn how to implement processes for these areas that will allow you to scale your business without scaling problems.



Business Owner, President or CEO with revenues between $1M and $5M

This workshop which is geared towards larger more established businesses.  We are going to help you to bring alignment between your vision, company processes and your leadership practices to maximize employee contribution and accomplish your goals.  We will teach you how to create a better culture inside your company by improving communication, problem solving and teamwork which will dramatically impact employee buy in.